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The automated comparison of invoice details against carrier contracts ensures that errors and oversights come to the surface immediately.

iTEMize Technologies Launches Cartoon Series

“The mis-Adventures of Telco Bill”

Reston, Virginia – February 25, 2009 – Peter Callowhill, co-Founder and CEO of iTEMize Technologies, today announced the launch of a cartoon series, “The mis-Adventures of Telco Bill,” as part of the company’s new national branding campaign.

The campaign highlights the extensive features and benefits of iTEMize 3.0, the company’s innovative Telecom Expense Management (TEM) software for businesses of all sizes, and especially for mid-market companies.

“We appreciate that these are challenging times. And it is more important than ever to take super-heroic efforts to control and manage costs,” said Mr. Callowhill. “Telecom expenses are a Top 5 budget item and we want our cartoon to visually communicate that iTEMize is a trusted TEM-mate. We understand that controlling expenses is hard work, and a little humor can go a long way.”

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