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The automated comparison of invoice details against carrier contracts ensures that errors and oversights come to the surface immediately.

iTEMize Technologies Cites Profit Boost for Businesses that Reduce Telecom Costs

“Tips ‘n Toons” Combines TEM Insights with Off-beat Humor

Reston, Virginia – March 25, 2009 – In the latest issue of the cartoon series, “The mis-Adventures of Telco Bill,” iTEMize Technologies shows how careful scrutiny of telecom invoices can discover and extract hidden variations (i.e. anomalies) which are often a source of incorrect charges.

By using iTEMize 3.0, the company’s innovative Telecom Expense Management (TEM) software, businesses of all types and sizes can reduce their telecom costs up to 20% (or even higher).

Peter Callowhill, co-Founder and CEO of iTEMize Technologies, notes that saving money is just half the story. “The other half is the profit potential of implementing a comprehensive TEM solution. The savings show up on the corporate balance sheet as pure profit, making investment in this powerful tool set much easier to understand and justify.”

Callowhill offered this example:

Revenue $ 50,000,000
Expenses $ 45,000,000
Profit $   5,000,000
iTEMize Savings $      500,000
New Profit $   5,500,000
Profit Increase              10%

“The expense reduction capabilities of iTEMize not only generate new profits, it adds value to a company, shifting telecom spending from an expense center to a profit center that justifies targeted funding,” Callowhill explained.

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