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The automated comparison of invoice details against carrier contracts ensures that errors and oversights come to the surface immediately.

iTEMize Technologies Automates the Labor-Intensive Process of Finding and Validating Telco Billing Mistakes*

Reston, Virginia – May 27, 2009 – In this episode of its eye-opening cartoon series, “The mis-Adventures of Telco Bill,” iTEMize Technologies introduces Miss Takes, who doesn’t always get the facts straight when working with Telco Bill.

The powerful automation capability of iTEMize 3.0, the company’s innovative Telecom Expense Management (TEM) software, finds billing anomalies that result from carrier mistakes, the overwhelming majority of which are in the carriers’ favor.

“Most companies don’t have the time to proactively find the anomalies that result from carrier mistakes in their telecom bills,” said Peter Callowhill, co-founder and CEO of iTEMize Technologies. “But the necessity of doing so is real and the money that can be saved is significant. Implementing iTEMize is the ideal solution.”

Mr. Callowhill said Miss Takes offers a behind-the-scenes look at the human error that often goes into bill preparation, pointing to the need for automation to “red-flag” errors that may be embedded in voluminous invoices.

Callowhill related the impact Miss Takes have on one tax-exempt client: “In addition to five-figure savings produced during the initial set-up of iTEMize, our automation process regularly red-flags an average of $1,500 per month in erroneous tax charges due to carriers' continuous billing mistakes.” Callowhill also noted that the organization saves in excess of 20 hours per week in labor from the efficiencies gained through the automation capability of iTEMize.

* Mistake (n) − an error or blunder.

** Validate (v) − to assure the certainty or validity of; to establish as true.

*** Anomaly (n) − a deviation from the norm; something strange, unusual, or unique.

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