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The automated comparison of invoice details against carrier contracts ensures that errors and oversights come to the surface immediately.

New Telecom Expense Management Solution Introduced

iTEMize Boosts Employee Productivity, Reduces Enterprise-wide Telecommunications Costs

RESTON, VA, May 22, 2006 – iTEMize Technologies, a leading provider of affordable Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solutions for the mid-market, today unveiled its new inventory and telecom expense management (TEM) tool, iTEMize. Available in self-service and managed models, iTEMize helps companies regain control of telecom assets and costs. Responding to unaddressed needs of mid-market companies seeking to increase employee productivity and optimize their telecom budgets, iTEMize Technologies provides businesses with an affordable solution to leverage telecom resources and identify billing anomalies associated with inaccurate telecom invoices.

iTEMize is a subscription-based software service that helps companies effectively control assets, address billing errors, and streamline their telecommunications process. iTEMize includes two modules that enhance both inventory and financial management. The inventory module allows businesses to track wireless and wireline network services and equipment by user, location, and department. Designed to identify billing anomalies, the financial module provides businesses access to financial details, trends, and reports to validate invoices. Through this module, iTEMize automates the allocation of costs to business units or cost centers and creates output for general ledger and accounts payable systems.

In addition to boosting cost savings and invoice accuracy, iTEMize saves time by allowing employees to focus on performing their jobs, as opposed to focusing on administrative tasks. Its ability to flag hard-to-catch errors and offer greater accessibility to specific information regarding assets reduces time wasted on telecom expense recordkeeping – increasing employee productivity.

“iTEMize offers mid-market companies a new option for telecom inventory and expense management – a cost-effective solution that provides all the tools companies need to take control of their telecom assets without unnecessary complexity,” said James Larsen, VP of Business Development, iTEMize Technologies. “With iTEMize, we are providing our customers with a robust solution to address every aspect of telecom inventory and expense management.”

About iTEMize Technologies

iTEMize Technologies assists clients and partners nationwide in achieving direct cost savings, improved management and real-time visibility through online telecom inventory and expense control solutions applied to their wired and wireless services. For additional information, please visit www.itemizetech.com.