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The automated comparison of invoice details against carrier contracts ensures that errors and oversights come to the surface immediately.

iTEMize Technologies Announces a New Campaign to Support the Introduction of iTEMize 3.0

Innovative Reston, Virginia company offers a powerful telecom expense management solution for companies looking for significant and immediate cost savings. iTEMize 3.0 is particularly effective for medium sized business customers who need solutions that are really easy to implement. iTEMize 3.0 is effective and powerful, simple to adopt and use, affordable, and fully supported.


Reston, Virginia – December 9, 2008 – Peter Callowhill, co-Founder and CEO of iTEMize Technologies announced today the exciting launch of iTEMize 3.0 as well as a new national branding campaign that spotlights the 3.0 enhancements to their innovative Telecom Expense Management (TEM) software. The new branding campaign clearly communicates the extensive features and benefits iTEMize offers to businesses of all sizes, and especially to medium sized businesses. iTEMize is effective and powerful, simple to adopt and use, affordable, and fully supported.

Telecom expense is one of the few areas companies can cut costs without sacrificing their level of service.

“Since its inception, the TEM industry has focused only on the largest enterprise customers. The marketing campaigns, product claims, and corporate messages are extremely confusing”, said Mr. Callowhill. “Medium sized business customers in particular have to sort through these various messages to determine if their needs can be met. Our iTEMize software and new branding campaign provides for and communicates the clear benefits we offer. For those types of companies who have grown large enough to need a TEM solution and who are increasingly concerned about their telecom costs, iTEMize is the ideal solution”.

iTEMize is a powerful, affordable, online TEM solution that can be implemented quickly without the infrastructure costs and ongoing administrative burdens of typical traditional applications. iTEMize includes such standard features as an easy and simple to use web-interface, both fixed and mobile telecom inventory tracking, financial management tools for identifying billing anomalies, trending and reconciliation, automated cost allocation, and detailed and powerful reporting. Also, iTEMize 3.0 now adds advanced analytical opTEMize reports for customers which allows them to further examine and manage their detailed telecom costs.

“We are excited to give business customers, and especially medium sized businesses a clear and easy choice when it comes to selecting a TEM provider”, said Mr. Callowhill. “iTEMize has been designed to offer them a customized solution that dramatically simplifies their management efforts for telecom. We believe our new branding campaign clearly articulates our vision, approach, and how we work closely with our customers. We look forward to helping them with their telecom expense management challenges, and to help them save money without having to sacrifice anything”.

iTEMize is currently available to business customers across the U.S.
For more information about iTEMize and their affordable TEM solutions, visit the company’s new website www.itemizetech.com to get our new virtual brochure and our handy new TEM Cost Savings Estimator or call toll free (877) 400-1420 if you’d like to explore our TEM solution for your business.

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